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        Call Us 0408 666 249 sales@

        ส่งเงินบาทไทย ดู แผนที่ นํา ทาง รถยนต์

        Individuality in website design and development
        web ● technology ● media

        Helping Australian businesses to reach new heights

        Trading since 1999 Webtek Media Pty Ltd (previously Bullie Graphics Pty Ltd), have completed a wide range of Information Technology services including Managed LAN\WAN installations, Server Management and Deployment, Computer Desktop Support and hundreds of Website Design projects including eCommerce stores, intranet and business sites.

        We have the know-how to get your job done right, on budget and on time.

        We work closely with our clients to build strong relationships in delivering the best possible outcome in the production of high quality web design.

        By understanding our client’s needs and wishes whilst keeping you continually updated in the design and construction process results in Webtek Media delivering professional trusted web services. We stay updated with technology advances and set clear achievable goals to deliver the best end result for you.

        Website Design

        We know that having representation on the internet is essential for any business if they want to succeed. Your prospective and loyal customers want to feel empowered when it comes to you and your products. They want an understanding of what your business does and stands for to ensure trust and security with those they are dealing with, and the easiest way is to have your information available at their fingertips with a successful responsive cross-platform website.

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        Technology for Education

        With our experience working within the Department of Education we have a suite of products and services to successfully manage learning technology within schools. Using ZuluDesk iPad Management software we can easily manage your fleet of devices, from app deployment and testing to custom wallpapers and screen layouts. ZuluDesk is listed on Apple’s Education page as preferred MDM for schools wanting to take full advantage of all new iOS features!

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        Digital Media

        More and more businesses are utilising social media as an important means of brand awareness and communication with current and potential customers. Understanding that your customers are increasingly using sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we target strategies to harness these tools and the flow on effect to drive traffic to your website. SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising should also be considered for your online business strategy.

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        Mobile Responsiveness

        In today’s digitally connected world the majority of your website visitors are now viewing your site using their smart phones or similar devices. Presenting your site in an easy to read format while maintaining the design aspects and vision, allows visitors to your website to have the best experience possible, without forcing them to adapt themselves.

        Mobile responsive website design takes care of this all “on the fly”, and without multiple versions of your site to maintain.

        Our approach is simple and aimed at developing websites that provide an optimal viewing experience, with easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, across a wide range of devices.

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        Think outside the Box

        Specialising in the production of high quality Content Managed Systems for all industries, our Web Design services are suited to all budgets. This is our core business. Yet we don’t stop there. We look at the big picture and what’s best for your business be it Digital Marketing such as Social Media and SEO or Technology for Schools and Learning Centres.

        Website Design100%
        Technology for Education 80%
        Social Media Networking50%

        What our customers are saying

        An exceptional service with excellent value for money. I highly recommend their service and will continue to utilise Webtek Media- Michael Burman - MB Yachts
        Since our new website has gone online we are now getting between 4 and 5 new business contacts per day, it’s been fantastic, thank you very much.- Colin Johnstone - The Magic Touch
        After experiencing issues with my last web designer I approached Webtek Media for help, thank god for Craig who saved me and did a beautiful job very fast at a very good price.- Tali Jatali - Fashion Designer
        Thanks again for everything in building our new site, I love that it works so well on mobile as that's where I get all my core business from.- Sam Macfie - Macfie Locksmiths

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